Seller Resources

Sellers: Sell your home faster at the best possible price.

Selling a home takes a lot more than just a sign in the front yard. Liz & Associates Realty understands all the key issues to help sell your home faster and at the best possible price.

Pricing is critical. We’ll prepare a market analysis to determine fair market value and help you decide on a sales price. We’ll even take a careful look at your home’s design and features and make recommendations to enhance buyer interest.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so Liz & Associates Realty will scrutinize even the smallest details. We have extensive “staging” experience and access to a professional interior designer. So we’ll make sure your home’s presentation is absolutely first class.

Once a buyer is interested and makes an offer, we’ll help you with contract negotiations and assist you through every aspect of closing the sale. You can rely on our experience, professionalism and expertise.